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why us


We here at IndoBiz Hub pride ourselves on building relationships, knowing our clients personally, helping them navigate Indonesian laws and regulations, in turn giving our clients full control of their business.

One of the core reasons that IndoBiz Hub was created, was to ensure that expats and their companies had a choice on how they run and operate their business from within Indonesia. Whether a new startup company or an existing company migrating to Indonesia, we want you to be in full control of how you operate and make decisions while working in Indonesia.

IndoBiz Hub has seen many existing businesses enter Indonesia and struggle with the setup that has been created by other outside agencies, which causes issues for the company being restricted or not licensed in a suitable location to benefit their client base. We here at IndoBiz Hub listen and together with you decide the needs of the business, our experts will give you our advice, assurance and guidance on where you should be licensed and what you will need to successfully operate inside Indonesia. We also fully understand that when it comes to decisions with your business, cost is a very important factor, but offering the cheapest option is not always the right option.

We can assist on any new set up as well as make amendments to an existing business, and provide ad-hoc services or service retainers to assist in the day to day operations, our relationship reflecting your needs not the other way round:

  • We do not make you sign a Power of Attorney.
  • We offer service agreements with extensive scope of works but if ad hoc services with no agreement in place is what you prefer then that is the service we will offer.
  • You have the ability to choose your local sponsor – we can introduce you to a variety of sponsors.
  • We do not hold your original Company Incorporation Documentation.
  • You have full control and can walk away with your company incorporation documentation and call us when you need us. The choice is always yours.

We provide up to date information to all clients via email to notify of any governmental changes to processing and fees personally via email, through our website, or through a phone call.